Love For Cats & Neon Hearts

As autumn is quickly approaching and warm summer days soon will be long gone, I decided to play with colors. It’s always nice to have something colorful around in the wintertime, isn’t it? But this time I didn’t hold myself back with muted colors – I went for the bright neon ones! And – of course – I combined all the brightness with the love we have for our best friends, and that’s how these neon heart sweaters were born.

The first sweater is dark gray color with 3 rows of bright pink hearts around the collar. I really love the pop of color that it gives to otherwise simple and plain sweater. There’s nothing wrong with being simple (I always think that often less is more), but in this case I think that these little hearts are a very cute addition and would brighten up everyone’s mood instantly. The yarn is 75% wool & 25% polyamide. If you’d like to get one, you can do it here: Pink Neon Hearts.


This sweater was a bit of an experiment. I just couldn’t make up my mind as to whether I should stick to more conservative style or should I just go all in. In the end I decided to make it more playful, therefore it has so much more bright colors than the other sweaters from this range. There’s only one sweater available, so it’s definitely a one of a kind choice for everyone who isn’t afraid of some colorful things! The blue yarn is 75% wool & 25% polyamide and the bright lime green one is 100% acrylic. You can get this beautiful sweater here: Lime Green Pop.


And the last, but definitely not the least is this cute deep blue sweater with neon lime green hearts. It is more conservative than the previous one and will fulfill the needs of everyone, who wants something more reserved, but still likes some pop of color. This sweater is made of yarn that consists of 75% wool & 25% polyamide. You can get it over here: Green Neon Hearts.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week ahead!

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Soft colors and bright moods

It’s been a while since I last posted over here. But time flies so fast! And so with it everything not only passes, but there also appear new exciting things! And that’s what this quick blog post is about – the new cute sweaters that are available in PurringPyjamas Etsy shop.

The first two sweaters I actually made while being on the road. I took a little road trip in the Southern Finland, so while sitting in the passenger’s seat and enjoying the view I decided to also do something useful. Especially that I just got the yarn these two sweaters are made of. Both sweaters are crocheted. The first sweater’s yellow  yarn is 100% acrylic, while the shiny green one has 60% mohair and 40% acrylic. You can get them both or either one over here: Yellow Dreams, Tortie Fluffs.

Moving forward we find stripes. Because who doesn’t love them? The first sweater has beautiful yellow, blue, white, green & dark gray stripes. The yarn is really high quality and made in the UK, so I was happily waiting for it to arrive.  It’s called after the bird blue tit (see the picture below), and I think it looks gorgeous! You can get it here: Blue Tit Kitty.


Here’s another crocheted sweater. It is very soft, because it’s made from the yarn meant for knitting baby clothes, so believe me when I say that it will not irritate even the most sensitive kitty’s skin! It has a beautiful pattern and is made of 100% acrylic yarn. This striped beauty is available here: Blue Stripes.

And now let’s go from something soft and light to something soft and really warm. This beautiful ombre effect sweater is made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool yarn. It is incredibly soft and keeps the warmth well, while also letting the skin to breath. It is available in 2 sizes, and you can get it here: Soft Ombre.

And now let’s talk about the classics – red and black. The red sweater is made of 75% wool & 25% polyamide yarn and is incredibly stretchy and warm. Black sweaters are made of 100% polyacrylic yarn, which means they’re incredibly soft and will not irritate kitties’ skin. And how about the cute beads they’re decorated with? I am sure your kitty would like it! You can get them here: Red Stars, Red Shells, Purple Beads.

And the last, but definitely not the least is this very fun sweater. You know, it is perfect for times when you kind of wish to pet something fluffy, but your naked sphinx kitty just ain’t doing it. This cute blue sweater is made of 100% acrylic yarn and is incredibly soft. You can get it over here: Blue fluffs.

I wish you all have a wonderful day and good start of the week!

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From classy lace & pearls to modern mohair & crystals

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted over here showing off the new designs in my shop. Today I want to share with you some of the designs I’ve been thinking about for a long time, just didn’t have enough time to actually make them. I hope you will like what you see, ‘cause I am really satisfied with the result!

Firstly, let’s start with classy things. These sweaters feature beautiful lace flowers and pearls, so your kitty will be classy from head (or ear!) to toe! The black sweater is incredibly soft, because it is made from 100% polyacrylic yarn, so it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It is also a great sweater for cats who don’t like wearing clothes or they have never worn any sweater before. The blue sweater is made from yarn, that consists of 30% wool and 70% polyamide. You can get the sweaters here: Black lace & pearls, Blue lace & pearls.

Now here comes something modern and fancy. As soon as I saw this bright colored yarn in the shop, I just knew I had to have it, ‘cause it would make some great material for amazing sweaters! And I would say I was right! I really enjoyed making these sweaters, trying to fit different beads, choosing best colors, variations, etc. Overall, I am really satisfied with the result. The yarn is 63% mohair, 27% acrylic & 10% polyester, which means that sweaters are not only very nice and fluffy looking, but also extremely warm and super stretchy. And for all of you who love mohair sweaters out there, let me tell you a secret… At the moment, I am working on more sweaters from mohair yarn! Whoop, I am guessing your kitties will stay very warm and stylish during this winter! But for now, you can get these gorgeous sweaters over here: Green mohair, Pink mohair.

Now these two sweaters might cheat you into thinking they’re made of mohair yarn too… But no, they’re not! 🙂 But it doesn’t make them any less beautiful or worthy! These sweaters are made of yarn that consists of 44% wool, 24% acrylic, 20% polyester & 10% polyamide. The sweaters are very warm, stretchy, and, of course, very stylish! You can get them here: Purple crystal sweater, Orange crystal sweater.

This sweater was made without having any prior idea as to what it will look like in the end. I just grabbed the yarn, started knitting and watched where it would take me. And so that’s how this funky looking hoodie was made! The yarn is 50% wool and 50% acrylic, which makes this sweater very warm, but it also breaths very well. If you’re feeling like having something a little funky today, check out this sweater on my Etsy shop: Funky hoodie.

Here is another interesting design – this little curly vest. It will keep your kitty super comfy, because it doesn’t restrict the movement, but still warms your kitty. This vest is made of 100% wool yarn. You can get right here: Curly vest.

And last, but definitely not least is this green sweater, which has this super interesting pattern. I’ve had this yarn for so long, but I could never think of any ideas as to what I would do with it. But one evening I sat down and decided to finally start knitting something from it. I looked through so many different knitting patterns, and this one just stood out. As soon as I saw it, I knew that this is the right pattern for this sweater. The sweater is very thick and made from 100% wool, so it will keep your kitty very warm even on the coldest nights. You can get it here: Green braided sweater.

And here are couple additional shots from the photoshoot 😉



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Important: why the prices on Etsy might rise

Hello, everyone! And happy summer! To be frank the spring was more summery over here in Finland than the June itself, but I still hope for some nicely warm days. I hope your summer (or winter!) is going well!

Today I wanted to address one important thing, which includes both the buyers and the sellers on Etsy: the prices. If you are shopping on Etsy very often, you might have noticed already (or maybe not), that in quite many small shops (like mine) prices rose a bit. Everyone has had their own change, but prices in PurringPyjamas rose €1-2 (US $ 1.12-2.25). I really hope there will be no need to raise the prices even more. Here comes in the most important question: WHY? The answer is simple: additional VAT. Or, at least, I wish it was that simple.

As we all know, people pay VAT from goods and/or services. But in order to be eligible to pay VAT, you need to earn a certain amount of money (it differs from country to country). In my case – or PurringPyjamas case – I’d need to earn from the shop €10 000 or more in order to pay VAT. Guess, do I earn that much? Not even close. So I don’t need to register as a VAT payer for PurringPyjamas and I do not need to pay additional VAT to Finnish government, ‘cause my income from this little Etsy shop is not even close to the limit. But guess what – Etsy requires EVERYONE to pay VAT. It doesn’t matter, how much you earn from your shop – you can earn €50/year or €50 000/year, you still will have to pay THE SAME percentage of VAT, unless you already registered yourself as VAT payer beforehand. So, basically… Even if I earn that €50/year, I still have to pay VAT. And no, that money definitely does not go to Finnish government (as I am not required to pay tax), it goes to Etsy’s pocket. So, this kind of decision to take VAT automatically might be the right decision for big shops, that have huge sales on Etsy, but for small shops it hurts, because now we need to not only pay taxes to Etsy (yes, Etsy as sales platform has it’s own taxes too), but also pay VAT, for which we aren’t even eligible.

I just thought to clarify this a bit as eventually it might raise some questions. I simply didn’t want the buyers to think that I rose the prices for absolutely no reason. Shipping prices will not change (at least in my shop), even though Etsy charges tax from shipping too (crazy, I know!).

I hope you all are having a beautiful morning/afternoon/evening/night! 🙂


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What’s New In PurringPyjamas In April?

Oh, the time flies! It seems like just a moment ago we celebrated Christmas and beginning of the 2016, and here we are now – almost half a year is gone. Everything is green again, the sun’s shining and we meet the summer soon. But it doesn’t mean that life in PurringPyjamas stops! This month there came quite a few new designs to the shop. And here they are – I hope you like them!


We start with this beautiful white sweater. It is made from very thick and warm yarn, that consists of 75% wool & 25% polyamide. The sweater is white with small dots of brownish and orange color, which makes it a little more fun. And oh, don’t even get me started on these gorgeous marble beads! I bought them a while ago, and once this sweater was crocheted it just came together perfectly – it looked like these beads were meant for it! You can get the sweater here: Marble Sweater.



While making sweaters, I didn’t forget about the beds too! When I noticed how much my cats enjoy sleeping in cat beds, I just couldn’t resist, but make one for you too! This beautiful bed is made from 100% acrylic yarn, it is very thick, holds its shape like a dream and also is extremely comfortable to take with you while traveling. Get the bed here: Blue & Brown Cat Bed.


Continuing with the sweater topic, here comes in this super thick beauty. It is extremely warm and breaths very well. And oh, it is so soft! I personally haven’t seen such soft wool in my life. The sweaters are made from 100% pure new wool. They are not only very comfy and super thick, but different sizes have different patterns. That means there’s no chance you will meet 10 other cats wearing the same looking sweater! Get this woolen beauty here: New Wool Sweater.


And here is something for those, who love something a little more unusual and fluffy. This sweater is very warm and soft. It is extremely stretchy, so it won’t restrict your cat’s movement at all! I also love the color of the sweater – it’s so funky! Yarn that the sweater is made of is 45% wool, 30% polyamide & 25% acrylic.


Now this is the design I wanted to try for a while. The thing is that I had its scheme for a while and I forgot how it originally looked like, I just remembered one thing: I liked it. So one evening I took this graphite gray color and started knitting. And this is how it turned out! I think it looks really good, what about you? The yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide, so it is very warm & soft. You can get the sweater here: Graphite Grays.



For some reason I never really had many green sweaters in my shop, I don’t even know why! I found this gorgeous yarn and I just knew I had to make something from it. This sweater features the same design as my previous sweater that was made from soy & wool yarn (unfortunately, it is sold out). This green sweater is very warm and super soft. It is also really stretchy, so it is really comfortable to wear. Yarn is 100% wool. If you like this sweater, get it over here: Green Wool.


Am I the only one, who thinks that this bright pink color suits Bacha really well? I am sure it would suit any cat, because just take a look at it – isn’t it one of the cutest sweaters you have ever seen? This pattern makes the sweater super stretchy, so it will fit well both very thin and chubbier cat. The yarn is 80% acrylic and 20% polyamide. Get the sweater over here: Think Pink.



From bright pinks to neutral beige – this is how I like it! I love it when everyone can find something to suit their taste, for that reason as much as I love bright & fun colors, here’s something sophisticated and elegant. This sweater is made from 100% wool, it is very stretchy, soft and warm. It also has amber beads to make it look even more stylish. If you have a cat at home that simply loves being stylish, you should definitely get this sweater! There are two sweaters available – one is with sleeves, another one – sleeveless. Get the sweater of your choice over here: Beige Amber With Sleeves; Beige Amber Without Sleeves.



The next sweater is made for the little kitties out there: this sweater is available in the kitten size and it is adorable! It is made in the same pattern as the pink sweater, just has some white stripes too. It is really soft & stretchy, so it will fit your little kitten for a while. It is also a great sweater to start with, because it is made from acrylic, which means that the sweater will be incredibly comfortable and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. You can get this cutie here: Striped Kitten Sweater.


And we have more green sweaters! This one looks extremely Christmasy to me not only because of its green color, but also because of this super cute reindeer Rudolph button! If this doesn’t say “Christmas” to you, I don’t know what else could! The sweater is quite simple, yet very cute. It is warm and soft, made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide yarn. If you feel the holiday spirit of this sweater, get it here: Rudolph Sweater.


And the last, but definitely not the least is this sweater, which I call Christmas tree. Wonder why? Because it is green with some other colors mixed in, so it looks like a nicely decorated Christmas tree! The yarn is extremely soft and warm, because it consists of 50% acrylic, 30% wool and 20% mohair. Want some softness for your kitty? Then get this sweater here: Christmas Tree Sweater.

And here is a little picture from behind the scenes – Bacha was yawning in this picture. Isn’t she hilarious?


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The Jungle Spirit

And here we are again – a week later there’s more sweaters and more designs coming to my shop! This time it’s all about those bright and beautiful spring colors.







These first sweaters are from “Colibri” series. It was a limited edition yarn, which (unfortunately) I found a little bit too late, so I could grab only couple different balls that were still left. I absolutely love the color of this yarn – it’s so bright and just associates with warmth, sun, good mood and great times! The yarn is not only beautiful looking, but also is very thick due to the pattern I chose for these sweaters. It consists of 100% acrylic, which means that it’s soft and doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Only blue colibri (the middle one) is still available, so make sure to grab it if you want it! You can get it here: Blue Colibri.5




Another sweater continues the jungle theme. Because where else could you see such an elegant leopard?! Well, probably at your home if you get one of these sweaters! This style is available in few sizes, so it will make quite a few kitties happy and wild. The sweater is hand knitted, while the decorations around neck, bottom of the sweater and sleeves are hand crocheted. This sweater was designed very fast and impulsively as I didn’t know how I want it to look like once it’s finished. But I am happy with the result – I think it looks really good! The yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide, so it’s very warm and breaths really well. You can get the sweater here: Elegant Leopard.





Now this sweater is a real improvisation! I started it with this beautiful brown yarn that has tiny golden threads in it and ended up with soft wool & mohair mix. This sweater is really comfy and will keep your kitty really warm! Peach color yarn is 48% acrylic, 32% polyamide, 10% wool and 10% mohair, while the brown one consists of 100% acrylic. Get this warm sweater for your one of a kind kitty here: Peachy Golds.



And the last, but definitely not the least is this sweater made of 100% acrylic yarn with little golden threads. I am really unsatisfied, that it was quite impossible to show in the pictures all the shine that it has, but my camera just refuses to see what I see! 🙂 Probably it’s because the golden shine shows up in certain light and only in some parts of the sweater. It also has this cute kitty button, which nicely finishes up the sweater. You can get this nice and soft sweater over here: Golden Shine.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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Where birds of paradise flee and Arctic foxes sleep

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last made not only a blog post, but also something new for PurringPyjamas shop. I was so busy working on different things, making sweaters that are already staples in my shop and still trying to keep PurringPyjamas Facebook page updated. But now I have more free time, which means I can make more new stuff. And so here are some sweaters I made over the past few weeks. Let’s get right into it!


The first sweater is what I like to call “Bird Of Paradise”. I know that the colors might not be exactly the same, but it was the first thought that came to my mind once I finished it. It is very soft and warm, made out of 100% acrylic yarn. This is not an actual sweater, because it is quite short, so I like to call it a vest or a crop top – whichever you prefer. There’s only one sweater available. You can get it here: Bird Of Paradise.


Continuing with the fluffy theme, here we have yet another sweater, just this time it is called “Moss”. That’s how the yarn was called, and I think it describes the color & general appearance of the sweater quite accurately. It is extremely soft, very comfy and warm. The yarn is 40% polyamide and 30% acrylic, which gives it the softness, and it also contains 30% wool to keep the kitty warm. You can get it right here: Moss sweater.


And the last one – but not the least – sweater in this fluffy series is this Arctic Fox sweater. It is M size, so none of my cats fit to model it (considering it’s 3 sizes too big for my cats). I tried my best to show how it looks like, but then again – when the sweater is this fluffy, you can’t even tell whether you’re looking at the front of the sweater or the back of it. 🙂 Nevertheless, this sweater is the warmest, fluffiest and thickest out of all three fluffy sweaters. The yarn is 100% acrylic. It is available over here: Arctic Fox.


This yarn I had for a while. I think I bought it back in the summer of 2015, because as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it and had to have it. Especially, that it was a limited edition yarn, which means that once it’s gone, it’s gone. Few days ago I checked the company’s website, and I was so happy I bought quite a bit of this yarn, because it is not available anymore. This sweater has beautiful ombre effect that goes from dark gray to gorgeous baby blue/bluish mint color. The neckline has a design of cable knit, while the front of it is decorated with metallic beads. I was thinking for a while about the design of this sweater, but in the end I decided to leave this gorgeous yarn on it’s own without adding some crazy patterns and instead I played with the neckline a bit. The yarn is 100% acrylic, so it is extremely soft, very stretchy, thick and warm. There are quite many sweaters available in different sizes. Get one of these gorgeous sweaters for your friend over here: Fresh mint.


Now these 3 sweaters are made out of the same yarn, just in different colors. Let me tell you: these sweaters are the softest things you’ve ever touched in your life! They’re extremely stretchy, which means that they give maximum movement ability for your cat. The yarn is made of 48% acrylic and 32% polyamide, which provide the softness and stretchiness, while 10% of mohair and 10% of wool give the warmth and nice fluff to the sweater. These sweaters are available in few sizes, you just need to choose the color you like! You can find the sweaters here: Soft Beige, Browns & Grays, Deep Blues.

And here are some behind the scenes pictures. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂



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