I wish…

In the end of June I was contacted by a lady called Dana, who works for ”Make a wish” organization. She told me, that she was looking for a sweater for Sphynx kitten and whether I could make one within a month. The Sphynx kitten was one child’s wish and he wanted the kitten to have a yellow sweater. Without a doubt I was immediately up for it! If I have an opportunity to make this world at least a little bit better place, I’ll do it. Especially, if all it takes is a one tiny cat sweater. So, Dana chose this design:


And this is what I came up with few days later:




“Make a wish” received the sweater quickly and without any problems. Another awesome thing is that more people also participated in this and the boy received in total 3 yellow sweaters for his new kitty! He loves the kitten so much and he helped him to get through all the difficult treatments. Here are couple of pictures of him and the kitty (I blurred the boy’s face for understandable reasons):



It warms my heart so much to see a smile on this little boy’s face! I really hope he will get better and gets to enjoy his life to the fullest for many years to come.

If you’d like to donate or just want to know more, feel free to visit “Make a wish” website: http://wyoming.wish.org/.

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