Somewhere over the rainbow…

Believe it or not, but I haven’t seen the rainbow yet! Yep, it’s already the middle of June, which is sort of the middle of the year 2015, but no rainbows are seen through my windows so far. And if you don’t see your life in a rainbowy perspective, then make yourself one! And that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve always loved working with bright colors. And while something super colorful and bright doesn’t always look great on people, it always looks simply adorable on animals. And this is how the rainbow sweater was born. I was checking out this yarn for a while already, but often for various reasons (like “Oh, but I have quite a few orders to fulfill and there’s no time”, “But I have so much of other yarn, that’s waiting to be used…”) I refused buying it. But around a month ago, when I was buying more yarn for the most popular sweaters, I just decided to screw all the silly reasons and bought it. And bit by bit the rainbow sweater was born.


Beautiful Beliza and her super purrfesional modeling.

Because of the bright colors I wanted to keep the design really simple, because it’s very easy to overdo things. And in this case saying “less is more” works just perfectly. Though I played a bit with the neckline: it can be worn just straight up like in the pictures below, or it can be bent down like in the picture above. I personally like both variations and what you choose depends only on your and your cat’s taste.


The sweater is available for purrrchasing right over here: Rainbow sweater.

And here are some pictures from “behind the scenes”, or what buyers don’t actually see. I try to make every single photoshoot as comfortable for the cat as possible. And believe me – they love it! Who wouldn’t love to play with their favorite toys and get very nom nom treats?




Don’t you interrupt me! I’m busy, don’t you see???


Got it!


The toy is mine!


Too tired to stand… What a work out!

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