PurringPyjamas Featured In Australian Cat Lover Magazine!

Hello everyone! I hope your week went well, and you’re all ready for the weekend fun! It’s been SOOOOOO hot over here in Finland – can’t wait for the weather to cool down already. I mean, Finnish apartments and houses do not have air conditioning (unless some people, who OWN houses, install it, but it’s still very uncommon), so you can imagine how fun it is when temperatures rise up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), and your apartment is on the south side… Great to get some light in the deep dark winter, but a whole lot of suffering during the heatwave! I mean, last year people were even advised to go to shopping centers to cool down during the heatwave as those are the only places with air conditioning lol. Anyhow, this is not a post about the weather, even though I hope it’s nice where you are!

You know where it’s definitely chillier? In beautiful Australia! And I am so happy to say my shop was featured in the newly created Australian Cat Lover online magazine. I was contacted by lovely Agnes, asking if I would be up to being featured in their magazine’s first Lifestyle feature. Of course, I said yes! I took some pictures of one of my sweaters, wrote a little description, and here it is – all nice and published, alongside other 9 beautiful things you can get for your feline friend:


When it came to choosing which design I wanted published, I knew instantly that this sweater from “Buttons up!” collection would be the one. It was the very first design I added to my shop back in February of 2015, and I still love it just as much as I did on the very first day. I had a little photoshoot with one of my beautiful kitties – Bacha. She always makes for such a great model!



I am really happy with how the pictures, and the article turned out! You can check out the original article over here:

10 winter warmers for your cats in 2019

Have a great weekend, and talk to you soon!

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Introducing Vampiria: A New Fluffy Family Member

Hello! I hope your week is going well – mine sure is! Lots of work, lots of ideas – always good times when you’re excited about all the new things coming your way. 🙂

As you already understood from the title, we got a new kitten. And no, she isn’t a completely “fresh” member of the family – she’s been with us for 3.5 weeks (will be 4 weeks this Friday; we brought her home May 17th). As much as I wanted to, I decided to not introduce her “officially” yet, and rather concentrate on her quarantine time, and later – focus on introducing her to our other 3 Sphynxes.

Let’s start from the beginning. Vampiria was born on January 5th, 2019 – a tiny Sphynx baby. I found her breeder on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with her kittens. As soon as I saw the “V” litter (they were maybe 3-4 weeks old at a time?), I knew I had to have one of the kittens. She said that Vampiria was the only one left unreserved from the litter – and she was perfect. We reserved her asap, and then there was the looooong waiting until May when we could pick her up. Thankfully, the breeder updated her Instagram often, and sent pictures and videos of Vampiria, which made the waiting a whole lot easier!

Vampiria is seal point with white, in case you’re interested in her color. She is pet class kitten, and has some hair on her body, and very soft fur on her face, ears, paws and tail. And, of course, beautiful blue eyes, which suit her color beautifully.


She’s very playful, loving and overall amazing kitten. She eats raw diet, but I will talk more about it in a different blog post – it’s always an interesting topic to explore!

So, you may ask how is she getting on with the other cats? Honestly, exactly, how I expected. Beliza is a “mommy” type of cat – she’s gentle, friendly, and always behaves like a mom towards kittens. She and Vampiria stopped hissing at each other after about 3-4 days when introduction started (just a note: once you bring a new kitten home, you should have 2 weeks of quarantine period, where the kitten is kept separately from other cats, but I usually see if there are any signs of illness, how the kitten and other cats are adjusting, and wing it. The minimum for me still usually is about 10-12 days, but I’ll talk more about it in a separate blog post).


Well, and then there’s Bacha. Don’t get me wrong – she’s an amazing cat. She’s very loving, however, she’s been quite fearful of other animals since we got her as a kitten. She was fearful of Aether, when we brought him home two years ago, so I knew we will have to take special precautions when introducing Vampiria as well. We made sure to keep them at distance, we always watched out that Vampiria wouldn’t spook Bacha, wouldn’t playfully jump on her, etc. Bacha is NOT aggressive – however, she may react in a negative way if she gets spooked. Now that Vampiria has been out and about for almost 2 weeks, all is good. They hiss at each other a tiny bit here and there, but I am 100% confident they’re both in a good place. Bacha usually completely ignores Vampiria, and Vampiria learned that Bacha does not want to be her play buddy. They both have a healthy respect for each other (for now at least), so all is going well.


Then there’s Aether. He’s a gentle soul and my love – he has a very special place in my heart as I feel we have a very special connection. Now don’t get me wrong – I love all my cats to bits, and they all get equal amount of love and attention, but I think we all have that special someone, who’s there when hard times hit. It’s normal. He was abused as a kitten by one mean spirited cat, so he always clung to me. BUT! This article is not about Aether – as I mentioned, he’s a very gentle boy, and I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to Vampiria. Well, he was very curious, but shy and a bit scared of her. However, you know the saying where curiosity killed the cat? Well, that’s what happened to Aether, haha! Vampiria isn’t shy, so she tried to play with him a few times, and now they’re best friends! I am very happy about it as Bacha and Beliza are sisters, and they always automatically just stuck to each other, and Aether was a bit left out. Also, they’re older, so they can’t (and don’t want to) play all the time with him. Aether and Vampiria are both very active and love spending time with each other – they always play together, run around, share toys, etc. They both seem to be very happy, which makes my heart sing. Even now I can hear them playing in the bedroom – they’ve been doing so for the past hour. 🙂


I think I talked about everything, more or less. Getting a new kitten when you already have other cats can be quite stressful as you need to go through all the quarantine and introduction process, but it’s so worth it! In case you’re interested, here are Vampiria’s breeder’s Instagram pages (the breeder is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia):

Sphynx My Gremlins

Sphynx My Gremlins Cat

I hope you have a great week ahead of you, and talk to you soon!

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PurringPyjamas Christmas Collection 2018: Bling, Snow & Winter Greens

Hello! Ah, it’s so nice to finally release this Christmas collection! It’s been in the works for a few months now – all of the sweaters are “Ready to ship”, so I needed to roll up the sleeves, do quite a bit of knitting, and weave in those endless ends (pun wasn’t intended, but let’s just keep it there 😀 ). And hey, before you start shouting at me for talking about Christmas in early October – I am just trying to make sure everyone receives their Christmas gifts and jumpers for their family pictures! Considering I am shipping from Finland, and both the weather and the post office work in mysterious ways, it’s always nice to receive your stuff better early than late! Now after all that is cleared up, let’s get into the collection (yay!). 🙂

This collection contains 8 sweaters, and 3 of them have bows! I love bows, can you tell, haha? The first sweater is made from a very soft acrylic yarn that’s meant for babies, so rest assured – this sweater is REALLY soft, and it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. It is also very stretchy! It is available in quite a few sizes, so if you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so here: Red lace.

The next sweater is made of wool. The yarn has beautiful alternating red shades, but that’s not all! It also has a thin gold thread running through it, making the sweater shiny. It definitely won’t blind you, but it’s a nice detail that adds something interesting to the overall look of the sweater. It also features the very loved velvet bow and a ruby red bead. The sweater is available in a few sizes over here: Gold Ruby.

The third member of the bow family is this very Christmasy sweater in green & red colors. It features a cute velvet bow and a faux pearl. It’s a perfect choice for all the lovers of everything classy and elegant! The sweater is made of acrylic, making it really soft. You can take a closer look at this sweater over here: Pearl Christmas.

Another thing I’ve been loving lately is pom poms. I think they’re so fun, and can instantly make any and every sweater cute and festive!

For the first sweater I chose the classical bright Christmas red for the yarn and the 3 pom poms that shout Christmas, winter & fun – green, white & red! There’s also a “catch” with these pom poms – they’re shiny! Yep, these pom poms are fluffy, and all that fluff blings like there’s no tomorrow! The yarn is 75% wool & 25 polyamide, which means it is perfect for those winter evenings, when everybody just wants to be cozy. It will surely keep your kitty warm & comfy with all that wool & stretch it offers! It is available in ALL sizes, starting with XXXS (kitten size) all the way through XL. You can check it out over here: Bling all the way.

The second sweater is everything we love about winter! Well, if you love winter that is. Build a snowman with your kitty with the help of this sweater! It’s absolutely cute, and that 100% wool yarn offers all the warmth your kitty may need! Take a look at the sweater over here: Let’s Build A Snowman.

Many people think of color red when they hear the word “Christmas”. But Christmas to me is also all the greenery – the Christmas tree, the wreath… I love green!

The first sweater is very stretchy and has a nice fluff to it due to the yarn containing mohair. It’s also very soft and light, but it will surely keep your kitty warm even on the coldest of nights! It features an elegant deer button (there are 3 options of deer available!). The sweater comes in all sizes (XXXS (kitten)-XL). You can find the sweater over here: Oh Deer.

The second sweater is made of a high quality super soft acrylic yarn. It features a cute moose/deer (who knows?) button, so Rudolph will never forget to visit your home! If you’d like, you can visit Rudolph over here: Red Nose Rudolph.

And last, but definitely not the least, is this sweater. Or should I say a waistcoat? Well, it can be whatever you want it to be! It is made of 100% wool mint color yarn, and definitely is comfy and stretchy. And while you might argue this sweater is not very Christmasy… Well, it IS Christmasy to me! I don’t know exactly what’s so festive about it, maybe the light mint color, or maybe the shiny gold accents just remind me of calm of the wintertime, and that peaceful feeling of the Christmas eve. The sweater is available over here: Mint Peace.

And that’s it! The whole Christmas collection is revealed now and available for purchase! I wish you a great weekend ahead of you, and I will talk to you very soon!

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No, my sweaters are not made of gold: here’s an exact cost breakdown of PurringPyjamas sweaters

Hi! Long time, no talk! 🙂 I’ve been so busy – fall season always comes and goes by so quickly… I wish it hung around for longer! However, that also means some suuuuuper excited things are coming very soon – like next week soon, *wink wink* 🙂

Before we get into all the fun, I want to talk about a more serious topic. It seems like every year there’s something that needs clarifying – and today is that day of the year 2018. A couple of days ago I saw a post (or a comment rather) that made me quite upset. I am all good now, because some people will always talk nasty things, but if there’s one thing that I love it’s transparency. So, today we’re breaking down the cost of my sweaters, and exactly what you’re paying for when you buy one (thank you for buying! :)).

I always thought about making this kind of blog post, but what gave me the needed push was a comment on Facebook. I am a member of quite a few Sphynx related groups on Facebook, and in one of them somebody asked some cat clothing recommendations. About 99% of the time I don’t really jump to advertising myself, and this was no exception. However, I did the follow-up on the thread just to see what other people had to say. One person suggested to the author of the original post to take a look on Etsy, and she also added a screenshot of one person’s knitted cat sweater. I am familiar with that knitter, she’s amazing! Her sweater was €26 + the shipping costs. Then under that comment another lady comments: “Oh, that sweater must be made of a golden thread to cost this much”. The seller whose sweater costs €26 is from The Netherlands. The person who criticized? She’s from Lithuania, a small Baltic country, and she said she’s “proud of selling (weirdly made – in my opinion) acrylic sweaters for €15” (on top of that would come the shipping cost). Now, in case you’re wondering why the country matters… Lithuania is like 50% cheaper than The Netherlands or Finland where I live. And yes, what I am saying is accurate, because I spent a week traveling all around Lithuania in the summer of 2018. The yarn, the shipping… these things cost a fraction of what it does over here in Finland. If I had an opportunity to lower the prices, I absolutely would! Also, let’s not forget the currency exchange fees, PayPal fees, Etsy increasing it’s fees from 3.5% to 5%…

Now, let’s break down the costs behind the sweater that’s been in my shop for years – the cute rainbow:

rainbow sweater

I will be breaking down the costs of the sweater in size XS, which costs €32 (there’s no additional shipping costs).

Etsy takes off 5% seller’s fee, on top of that comes VAT, PayPal fee (if the person uses PayPal), currency exchange fee, etc. From a €32 sweater I’d normally pay about €3.00 in fees. And, of course, I still need to pay the income tax to the government, but let’s just skip that altogether.

Yarn that I use for this particular sweater is 75% wool & 25% polyamide, and 150g ball costs €7.95. In order to make size XS, I use about 100g of yarn. That would make the yarn costs €5.30. It takes about 3 hours to make the sweater from beginning to end, including sewing in all the loose ends. Average pay per hour in Finland is €10-13. I’ll take the average of €11 – that means I’d be paid €33 for 3 hours of work (which is already higher than the sweater cost itself). If the sweater has beads, the price increases by another €1 or so, depending on how fancy the beads/decorations are. After the sweaters are finished, they’re always prewashed, in order to make sure the colors don’t “bleed” and that the sweaters are super clean. Let’s add €0,50 for that.

After the sweater is dry, it’s time to package it up. I use wrapping paper, natural fiber thread, decorative tape and a big brown padded envelope. The costs of wrapping & shipping materials would make about €1. Again, I am not counting in the time spent on packing. On top of that I have printed care instructions & “Thank You” cards, so that adds about another €0.50.

Then I need to take a train to a different district as there’s no post office where I live. The ticket costs €2.40. Now, the biggest cost is the shipping. It’s OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive over here in Finland, and has risen about 20% since 2015, which is beyond scary. Anyhow, sweater in size XS weighs over 100g, usually about 112g. That means the shipping costs €12.50, if I ship outside Europe. And most of my clients come from countries like USA & Canada.

Now let’s add the costs:


And now my profit:


So… this is how much my profit is from a €32 sweater: €6.30, meaning I get paid about €2/hour. Again, normal job in Finland pays €10-13/hour. This means I make way under hourly salary. That’s where the part of me loving what I do comes in – I absolutely love knitting, it helps me to relax and just turn off the brain from overthinking. Of course, it’s up to you if you’re willing to pay €32 for a handmade sweater that was made because someone loves what they do. But if you’re one of those people thinking that everyone makes thousands of dollars each month by overcharging, maybe you should rethink – most handmade businesses that are transparent don’t make more than what you’d earn doing average job.

Beliza & Aether

I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement. – Pharrell Williams

Let’s be less judgemental and more understanding & loving towards one another. 🙂

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New Sweaters In PurringPyjamas Shop + Aether’s Debut As A Model!

Hello! How are you doing? Maybe you’re having a break from this heatwave? ‘Cause we sure have! It’s still warm, but we’re not melting at least! And while winter isn’t on your mind right now (or maybe it is? I can’t wait for cooler weather!), let’s talk about it as it will come in no time. Today I want to talk about the new additions to PurringPyjamas shop!


Being cute and very purrfessional!

The first sweater is blue and white, which can stand for many things. Over here in Finland it would stand for the saying about Finland being a country of snow and a thousand lakes (believe me, we have waaaaay more than a thousand of them, haha), to someone it may associate with white sandy beaches and sea, and to someone else it may remind about the dark blue skies and some white clouds – I am sure I am not the only one who used to try to find different shaped clouds that would remind of some animal or something. Whatever you associate these colors with, they are always fun to add to anyone’s collection!


Looking cute!


Curious about what’s going on.


Oh, and what’s there?


You can find these awesome blue and white sweaters over here: Blue & White Sails

Now the next sweater is something that will always be a load of fun! These stripes look sunny, bright and will keep your little Sphynx feeling like it’s forever spring! I love spring, and what about you? I think it’s amazing to finally get more sun and see the nature being reborn and blossoming. What a wonderful thing to see!





So yes, as you guessed already, these minimalistic sweaters were inspired by spring. As cheesy as it sounds, a lot of the time we really do forget to just stop and smell the flowers around us. But cats never forget the little things in life, so it’s something useful that we can learn from our little friends. There’s beauty in simplicity, and for this reason these sweaters are what one might call “plain”. But I say they’re just enough! 😊


Bacha showing off her best poses. 🙂


You can get these super fun sweaters over here: Striped Spring


Looking for those toys!


Still looking!

And yes, we always have to have something pink! This pastel color striped sweater will fit many people’s tastes. It’s minimalistic with only 3 little beads attached to the neck, so this sweater isn’t for the flashy ones!


Where did all the toys go?


You can get the striped sweater here: Pink Stripes


Oh, that’s where the toys are!


Mom, what’s up there?

Now this pink is the complete opposite of the pastel striped sweater – it’s in neon coral pink color! The sweater is very bright (as I’m sure you can see from the pictures) and not suitable for the faint hearted! 😊 It also has a nice modern mixed with a classic touch to it – a beautiful decoration made from classy pearl and silver tubes.


Who said boys can’t wear pink? Aether looks fabulous rocking his pink sweater!


The sweater is available here: Modern Coral Pink


Curious little creature.


Is that catnip that I smell?


Hearing the toys jingle.


And what’s up there?


And now… Welcome to the bow kingdom! These sweaters are not only cute, but they’re also warm! They’re perfect if you want to add some bling to your daily life – the teal color sweater has blue shiny thread running through it, while the pinky beige has a holographic one. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure about your kitty shinning bright like a diamond!



You can check out the teal sweater here: Teal Dreams

And you will find the beige one over here: Holo Fantasies


Looking cute dressed in purple.


Come here, toy!

Continuing with the shiny theme, here’s another sweater. It’s beautiful metallic purple, which you don’t see everyday. The sweater is super soft, very light and stretchy, but still very warm. The yarn itself cost me a small fortune, but I liked it so much that I decided to ignore a pretty big price tag. And I am surely happy I did!


A moment of silence.


This unique metallic sweater is available here: Shades Of Purple




This sweater is basically the same color as her eyes. 🙂

And last, but not least is this super fluffy, bluish gray sweater. It’s pretty hard to describe it’s color – in some light it looks bluish gray, while in other situations it seems to be more of a grayish blue. However you look at it, the sweater is still just as beautiful! It’s very warm, thick and has a nice softness to it making it a really good option for cold weather. It also has some multicolored beads attached that make the sweater even cuter.




You can take a closer look at the sweater here: Bluish Gray Softness

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post and a few of the new designs that had been just added to my shop! Have a great week ahead of you, and talk to you soon!

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From classy lace & pearls to modern mohair & crystals

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted over here showing off the new designs in my shop. Today I want to share with you some of the designs I’ve been thinking about for a long time, just didn’t have enough time to actually make them. I hope you will like what you see, ‘cause I am really satisfied with the result!

Firstly, let’s start with classy things. These sweaters feature beautiful lace flowers and pearls, so your kitty will be classy from head (or ear!) to toe! The black sweater is incredibly soft, because it is made from 100% polyacrylic yarn, so it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It is also a great sweater for cats who don’t like wearing clothes or they have never worn any sweater before. The blue sweater is made from yarn, that consists of 30% wool and 70% polyamide. You can get the sweaters here: Black lace & pearls, Blue lace & pearls.

Now here comes something modern and fancy. As soon as I saw this bright colored yarn in the shop, I just knew I had to have it, ‘cause it would make some great material for amazing sweaters! And I would say I was right! I really enjoyed making these sweaters, trying to fit different beads, choosing best colors, variations, etc. Overall, I am really satisfied with the result. The yarn is 63% mohair, 27% acrylic & 10% polyester, which means that sweaters are not only very nice and fluffy looking, but also extremely warm and super stretchy. And for all of you who love mohair sweaters out there, let me tell you a secret… At the moment, I am working on more sweaters from mohair yarn! Whoop, I am guessing your kitties will stay very warm and stylish during this winter! But for now, you can get these gorgeous sweaters over here: Green mohair, Pink mohair.

Now these two sweaters might cheat you into thinking they’re made of mohair yarn too… But no, they’re not! 🙂 But it doesn’t make them any less beautiful or worthy! These sweaters are made of yarn that consists of 44% wool, 24% acrylic, 20% polyester & 10% polyamide. The sweaters are very warm, stretchy, and, of course, very stylish! You can get them here: Purple crystal sweater, Orange crystal sweater.

This sweater was made without having any prior idea as to what it will look like in the end. I just grabbed the yarn, started knitting and watched where it would take me. And so that’s how this funky looking hoodie was made! The yarn is 50% wool and 50% acrylic, which makes this sweater very warm, but it also breaths very well. If you’re feeling like having something a little funky today, check out this sweater on my Etsy shop: Funky hoodie.

Here is another interesting design – this little curly vest. It will keep your kitty super comfy, because it doesn’t restrict the movement, but still warms your kitty. This vest is made of 100% wool yarn. You can get right here: Curly vest.

And last, but definitely not least is this green sweater, which has this super interesting pattern. I’ve had this yarn for so long, but I could never think of any ideas as to what I would do with it. But one evening I sat down and decided to finally start knitting something from it. I looked through so many different knitting patterns, and this one just stood out. As soon as I saw it, I knew that this is the right pattern for this sweater. The sweater is very thick and made from 100% wool, so it will keep your kitty very warm even on the coldest nights. You can get it here: Green braided sweater.

And here are couple additional shots from the photoshoot 😉



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What’s New In PurringPyjamas In April?

Oh, the time flies! It seems like just a moment ago we celebrated Christmas and beginning of the 2016, and here we are now – almost half a year is gone. Everything is green again, the sun’s shining and we meet the summer soon. But it doesn’t mean that life in PurringPyjamas stops! This month there came quite a few new designs to the shop. And here they are – I hope you like them!


We start with this beautiful white sweater. It is made from very thick and warm yarn, that consists of 75% wool & 25% polyamide. The sweater is white with small dots of brownish and orange color, which makes it a little more fun. And oh, don’t even get me started on these gorgeous marble beads! I bought them a while ago, and once this sweater was crocheted it just came together perfectly – it looked like these beads were meant for it! You can get the sweater here: Marble Sweater.



While making sweaters, I didn’t forget about the beds too! When I noticed how much my cats enjoy sleeping in cat beds, I just couldn’t resist, but make one for you too! This beautiful bed is made from 100% acrylic yarn, it is very thick, holds its shape like a dream and also is extremely comfortable to take with you while traveling. Get the bed here: Blue & Brown Cat Bed.


Continuing with the sweater topic, here comes in this super thick beauty. It is extremely warm and breaths very well. And oh, it is so soft! I personally haven’t seen such soft wool in my life. The sweaters are made from 100% pure new wool. They are not only very comfy and super thick, but different sizes have different patterns. That means there’s no chance you will meet 10 other cats wearing the same looking sweater! Get this woolen beauty here: New Wool Sweater.


And here is something for those, who love something a little more unusual and fluffy. This sweater is very warm and soft. It is extremely stretchy, so it won’t restrict your cat’s movement at all! I also love the color of the sweater – it’s so funky! Yarn that the sweater is made of is 45% wool, 30% polyamide & 25% acrylic.


Now this is the design I wanted to try for a while. The thing is that I had its scheme for a while and I forgot how it originally looked like, I just remembered one thing: I liked it. So one evening I took this graphite gray color and started knitting. And this is how it turned out! I think it looks really good, what about you? The yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide, so it is very warm & soft. You can get the sweater here: Graphite Grays.



For some reason I never really had many green sweaters in my shop, I don’t even know why! I found this gorgeous yarn and I just knew I had to make something from it. This sweater features the same design as my previous sweater that was made from soy & wool yarn (unfortunately, it is sold out). This green sweater is very warm and super soft. It is also really stretchy, so it is really comfortable to wear. Yarn is 100% wool. If you like this sweater, get it over here: Green Wool.


Am I the only one, who thinks that this bright pink color suits Bacha really well? I am sure it would suit any cat, because just take a look at it – isn’t it one of the cutest sweaters you have ever seen? This pattern makes the sweater super stretchy, so it will fit well both very thin and chubbier cat. The yarn is 80% acrylic and 20% polyamide. Get the sweater over here: Think Pink.



From bright pinks to neutral beige – this is how I like it! I love it when everyone can find something to suit their taste, for that reason as much as I love bright & fun colors, here’s something sophisticated and elegant. This sweater is made from 100% wool, it is very stretchy, soft and warm. It also has amber beads to make it look even more stylish. If you have a cat at home that simply loves being stylish, you should definitely get this sweater! There are two sweaters available – one is with sleeves, another one – sleeveless. Get the sweater of your choice over here: Beige Amber With Sleeves; Beige Amber Without Sleeves.



The next sweater is made for the little kitties out there: this sweater is available in the kitten size and it is adorable! It is made in the same pattern as the pink sweater, just has some white stripes too. It is really soft & stretchy, so it will fit your little kitten for a while. It is also a great sweater to start with, because it is made from acrylic, which means that the sweater will be incredibly comfortable and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. You can get this cutie here: Striped Kitten Sweater.


And we have more green sweaters! This one looks extremely Christmasy to me not only because of its green color, but also because of this super cute reindeer Rudolph button! If this doesn’t say “Christmas” to you, I don’t know what else could! The sweater is quite simple, yet very cute. It is warm and soft, made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide yarn. If you feel the holiday spirit of this sweater, get it here: Rudolph Sweater.


And the last, but definitely not the least is this sweater, which I call Christmas tree. Wonder why? Because it is green with some other colors mixed in, so it looks like a nicely decorated Christmas tree! The yarn is extremely soft and warm, because it consists of 50% acrylic, 30% wool and 20% mohair. Want some softness for your kitty? Then get this sweater here: Christmas Tree Sweater.

And here is a little picture from behind the scenes – Bacha was yawning in this picture. Isn’t she hilarious?


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