New Sweaters In PurringPyjamas Shop + Aether’s Debut As A Model!

Hello! How are you doing? Maybe you’re having a break from this heatwave? ‘Cause we sure have! It’s still warm, but we’re not melting at least! And while winter isn’t on your mind right now (or maybe it is? I can’t wait for cooler weather!), let’s talk about it as it will come in no time. Today I want to talk about the new additions to PurringPyjamas shop!


Being cute and very purrfessional!

The first sweater is blue and white, which can stand for many things. Over here in Finland it would stand for the saying about Finland being a country of snow and a thousand lakes (believe me, we have waaaaay more than a thousand of them, haha), to someone it may associate with white sandy beaches and sea, and to someone else it may remind about the dark blue skies and some white clouds – I am sure I am not the only one who used to try to find different shaped clouds that would remind of some animal or something. Whatever you associate these colors with, they are always fun to add to anyone’s collection!


Looking cute!


Curious about what’s going on.


Oh, and what’s there?


You can find these awesome blue and white sweaters over here: Blue & White Sails

Now the next sweater is something that will always be a load of fun! These stripes look sunny, bright and will keep your little Sphynx feeling like it’s forever spring! I love spring, and what about you? I think it’s amazing to finally get more sun and see the nature being reborn and blossoming. What a wonderful thing to see!





So yes, as you guessed already, these minimalistic sweaters were inspired by spring. As cheesy as it sounds, a lot of the time we really do forget to just stop and smell the flowers around us. But cats never forget the little things in life, so it’s something useful that we can learn from our little friends. There’s beauty in simplicity, and for this reason these sweaters are what one might call “plain”. But I say they’re just enough! 😊


Bacha showing off her best poses. 🙂


You can get these super fun sweaters over here: Striped Spring


Looking for those toys!


Still looking!

And yes, we always have to have something pink! This pastel color striped sweater will fit many people’s tastes. It’s minimalistic with only 3 little beads attached to the neck, so this sweater isn’t for the flashy ones!


Where did all the toys go?


You can get the striped sweater here: Pink Stripes


Oh, that’s where the toys are!


Mom, what’s up there?

Now this pink is the complete opposite of the pastel striped sweater – it’s in neon coral pink color! The sweater is very bright (as I’m sure you can see from the pictures) and not suitable for the faint hearted! 😊 It also has a nice modern mixed with a classic touch to it – a beautiful decoration made from classy pearl and silver tubes.


Who said boys can’t wear pink? Aether looks fabulous rocking his pink sweater!


The sweater is available here: Modern Coral Pink


Curious little creature.


Is that catnip that I smell?


Hearing the toys jingle.


And what’s up there?


And now… Welcome to the bow kingdom! These sweaters are not only cute, but they’re also warm! They’re perfect if you want to add some bling to your daily life – the teal color sweater has blue shiny thread running through it, while the pinky beige has a holographic one. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure about your kitty shinning bright like a diamond!



You can check out the teal sweater here: Teal Dreams

And you will find the beige one over here: Holo Fantasies


Looking cute dressed in purple.


Come here, toy!

Continuing with the shiny theme, here’s another sweater. It’s beautiful metallic purple, which you don’t see everyday. The sweater is super soft, very light and stretchy, but still very warm. The yarn itself cost me a small fortune, but I liked it so much that I decided to ignore a pretty big price tag. And I am surely happy I did!


A moment of silence.


This unique metallic sweater is available here: Shades Of Purple




This sweater is basically the same color as her eyes. 🙂

And last, but not least is this super fluffy, bluish gray sweater. It’s pretty hard to describe it’s color – in some light it looks bluish gray, while in other situations it seems to be more of a grayish blue. However you look at it, the sweater is still just as beautiful! It’s very warm, thick and has a nice softness to it making it a really good option for cold weather. It also has some multicolored beads attached that make the sweater even cuter.




You can take a closer look at the sweater here: Bluish Gray Softness

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post and a few of the new designs that had been just added to my shop! Have a great week ahead of you, and talk to you soon!

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