When water turned into wine

And what exactly happened when water turned into wine? Awesome yarn was born, that’s what! 🙂 And from it came this furry sweater for a naked kitty.

This sweater isn’t a new addition to my shop, but I wasn’t satisfied with the previous pictures, so I finally decided it’s time to change it. I found the old sweater, fixed it up a little bit, grabbed Beliza and shot some pictures. I think it turned out pretty good.


This shoot was quite challenging – all Beliza wanted to do was to lay and look out of the window. And yes, the picture you see above was one of the two shots of her actually sitting. Anyway, we got some good pictures, and that’s what matters!




Yarn is 70% acrylic and 30% wool. It’s quite fluffy and soft because of the acrylic and the wool gives that nice warmth to it. This style sweater is available in many sizes and colors: wine, peach, black, orange, white, pale green, bright blue and bluish purple. Nice selection of colors to suit everyone’s taste. Oh, and did I mention that the rose charm you see is actually made of antique silver? And those little stones are natural agate. Isn’t it awesome? It will suit any fancy kitty’s taste. You can find the sweater over here: Fluffy sweater.




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