3 Day Quote Challenge. Day 1 – It’s all about love

I always like reading, what other people enjoy. I always want to know, what inspires them, challenges them, gives them happiness and the most pure childish joy. This is one of the reasons, why I happily accepted the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thank you for nominating me, Guenny!

I’ve seen this challenge going on for a while already, and the rules of it are so different. Some people post loads of quotes each day, others post only one quote a day. Someone nominates 3 people every day, while another person nominates only one. So I decided to do this my way: I will be nominating one person each day. And about the quotes… I will talk about three things: love, life and work. I will share with you my inspiration & approach to these topics and what reflects my way of loving, living and working.

First off, I’ll start with love. And I am not talking only about the love between the two lovers. I think it’s even more important to love yourself. And to love everyone and everything around you. It absolutely doesn’t matter, what we believe in, what we look like, what we think about something/someone, where we go – as long as we do everything with love to each other, it will make the world more beautiful. And us too.

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The rules of this challenge are simple:

*post one (or more) of your favorite quotes a day for three days;

*pass it to someone else (one or three bloggers each day);

*thank the blogger, who nominated you.

For my day one, I nominate Arielle from With All My Affection! 🙂

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