A walk in dandelion fields

This week was so busy I thought I’ll lose my mind! I needed to do so many things, and my failed health definitely didn’t help me at all. But at least by now I’m finally getting a grip of everything and can finally focus on the important things. But, well, at least I always have my cute soft kitties to cuddle with. And let me tell you – their purrs heal better than any medicine! Like, how can you feel bad, when you walk into the room and see something like this?



When I was still feeling good and had some free time, my fingers were itching to do something. And so I found yarn, which I bought a while ago and started knitting. I didn’t really have any clear idea of the sweater, so I just went with the flow. I knew that even though the yarn is thick, I wanted it to look “summery” and fresh. And to me there’s one thing that remind me of re-born nature and late spring – dandelions. So why not to make a Dandelion sweater?


Doesn’t look bad after all, huh? It required some precision to make it, but it was so much fun. And oh, I love that bright coral color!




I have only two sweaters available in sizes S and XXS. Yarn is 100% polyacrylic.

This sweater is sold out.

And even though the sweater was so bright and nice, my model Beliza was all grumpy and sleepy. Nothing helped – no treats and no toys were interesting to her. Maybe it was the rainy weather that caused it, or maybe she just didn’t get enough of her beauty sleep. Anyway, we managed to work something out and got some nice pictures!




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