Time, spent with cats, is never wasted

I still remember those dark winter evenings, when in my childhood mother and sister sat down in the warm kitchen to knit socks and mittens, while father was making the yarn from just washed and dried wool, which we got from my grandfather. Those long conversations, jokes, the smell of wool and that sound of needles still bring me that peace, where the time stops… As I grew bigger, so did my first tryings to knit, later – to crochet. Starting from simple things like scarfs, eventually I started to knit also socks and mittens, crochet various serviettes and decorations. And even when I left my parent’s home and went to college, crafts always stayed as one of my biggest passions and most comfortable way to both relax and express myself.

But the idea of making cat clothes didn’t come to me until the mid 2013. I was always a cat person and often appreciated their company more than people’s. So you can imagine, how hard it was for me to study and not be able to own a cat. But in 2013 I saw the most adorable sphynx kittens and my heart melted. At that very moment I knew, that no matter what, I want them. And so everything worked out just perfectly, and two adorable sisters came to live to my home and my heart.

And here comes the crafty part of it. Because Finland is quite famous for it’s cold weather, it was obvious, that those naked babies will need clothes. I knew, how to knit and didn’t lack ideas, so decided to try to make everything myself. I paid especially careful attention, that all the details wouldn’t be dangerous for cats (something, that they couldn’t swallow, choke, etc.) as well as the sweater itself would be comfortable and warm. And with constant experimenting many beautiful comfy sweaters were born and kept my kitties warm from autumn to spring.

Creating is like a game to me. A game, which I enjoy a lot, because I am the one, who makes the rules. By saying that I mean, that no matter what kind of a wild idea I’d come up with, I can do it. I never look at it as if it was my job to make these sweaters to all the beautiful kitties. It’s my hobby, which I enjoy to the fullest. That’s why the sweaters I make can be very different from each others, but they all meet simple and at the same time very important criteria: safety, comfortability, warmth, uniqueness and versatility. And by saying versatility, I don’t mean only the appearance of the sweaters. Sometimes they can play not only the important part of providing warmth or sun protection for your kitty, but also preventing the cat from licking/scratching the wounds on the belly, back, neck, etc.

I believe that as much as it is important for us to wear something, that we like and feel comfortable in, it is also very important to give the same criteria for our furry or naked friends.

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