Sunny wind, braids and peonies

Sunny wind – that’s exactly what’s been happening over here for the past week. Lots of wind, lots of sun, warmth – not so much. But again I can’t really complain about that as I wasn’t outside that much really – all the moving stuff and the need to have a beautiful (and clean!) apartment is really taking over and consuming most of my time. BUT it still doesn’t prevent me from having some free time to knit. And, well, let’s be fair – I have to have time to knit, because I have quite a few orders to fulfill.

Actually, I am surprised, that I still manage to not only fulfill the orders in time, but also create something new. Yep, it’s the braided sweater you see in the picture below, which is gracefully modeled by my precious kitty Bacha. Sometimes there just comes time, when you get tired of knitting the same sweaters again and again, so it’s a good way to let your mind escape to the new, still uncovered fields.


I’ve had this yarn for what seems ages, but I simply couldn’t come up with any pattern that would actually satisfy me and show all the beautiful colors. So I was looking through all those beautiful different patterns and eventually I decided to stick to classics – braids. They are simple, yet beautiful and give the sweater nice softness and coziness.

This sweater is sold out.

2 3

And while I’ve been editing the pictures, cats were enjoying the sun and peace. God, they make me so sleepy!

cats pp1 cats pp2

It’s actually so funny, when Bacha is constantly doing this:

bacha pp

Yep, she does the same thing everywhere, including the car. I still remember people’s faces, when they saw some strange being staring at them through the car windows. I also remember, how one of my friends asked, if it’s a kangaroo. Yep, Bacha really is a kangaroo, isn’t it obvious? 🙂

Anyway, I had some time today to actually sneak out to the shop and I just couldn’t leave it, when I saw it. Yes, it’s peonies. I have some very good nostalgic memories related to them as both my mother and grandmother love these flowers and grow them as long as I can remember. Such gorgeous, deep color.

peonies pp

And while I was writing this post, my other Sphynx cat Beliza was constantly meowing, purring and seeking for attention. Yes, if you have a Sphynx cat, you will never be alone. EVER.

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